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Automotive Outlook - The Road Ahead for Production and Demand

November 2023

Our automotive outlook assesses the key global production factors facing automakers and parts suppliers, amidst consumer demand uncertainties.

Chinese Auto Firms Follow Tesla to Mexico

July 2023

Auto and auto parts makers setting up nearer Tesla’s main EV market —North America —must navigate challenges to avoid U.S. barriers.

Globalization in 2023 [PODCAST]

June 2023

Fernanda Kroup, Vice President and Head of Onyx Strategic Insights, gives her take on how things are looking this year and how current trends are affecting logistics in 2023.

US readying additional trade and investment restrictions on China

May 2023

US policymakers are poised to implement at least nine restrictions on China in 2023 across six industries, ranging from telecoms to agriculture and oil and gas.

2023 China Outlook - Growth Faces Macro and Geopolitical Challenges

May 2023

Our China Outlook assesses how China’s leadership will attempt to manage long term vulnerabilities while undergoing a bumpy economic rebound from lockdowns in the previous year.

2023 Tech Outlook - The Messy Middle of Globalization

March 2023

Our technology outlook lays out our geopolitical and macroeconomic forecasts and long-term considerations for the technology industry in the year ahead.

2023 Global Outlook – A Year of Transitions

February 2023

With the first Onyx Global Outlook, you will find our geopolitical and macroeconomic forecasts for the year ahead, alternative scenarios, and long-term considerations.