Build strategy and manage risk through the lens of geopolitics and macroeconomics.

Understand the forces shaping the future of your organization

Assess their economic impact

Separate signal from noise

Find better options

Our value

We see the world differently.





A unique global network

We are a division of Expeditors, one of the world's foremost supply chain companies. Our core team of global, regional and industry experts is complemented by our extended network of logistics and supply-chain practitioners on the ground in 350 locations in 100+ countries globally.

Quantifying impact is at the heart of our value

We believe that geopolitics and macroeconomics can shape any business. But understanding them is only half the story; we combine qualitative analysis and proprietary supply chain data to quantify impact on your business and produce actionable insights.

We focus on what matters

We fully integrate geopolitical and macroeconomic analysis, unlike any other consulting firm. Our approach is tailored to the issues, geographies and industries you care about. We focus on getting to the so-what of politics – so you don’t have to.

Our services

We meet you where you are.

Flexibility to suit your needs.

Consulting engagements

Tailored projects to identify insights, risks, and value drivers. Our experts collaborate with you to incorporate findings into your organization’s strategy and planning.


An ongoing relationship to ensure decisions remain aligned with emerging events.

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Our capabilities

Global breadth, local depth.

Integrated geopolitics, macroeconomics and industry capabilities
Evidence-driven and data-focused
On the ground and close to the action

Global, regional and industry expertise

Proprietary data and analytics

Global expert network

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about us

Geopolitics and macroeconomics matter…

… but they need to be actionable

Onyx was created to connect the dots between geopolitics, macroeconomics and business strategy. Our aim is to help you make sense of complex developments around the globe and translate insights into action.

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